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Hometown Hero Banners are displayed throughout a community to recognize local residents who are serving, or are veterans who have served, our country in the United States Armed Forces.

Hometown Hero Banners typically show the service member’s military photo, full name, and branch of military. Some communities choose to also include the person’s rank, years enlisted, and major conflicts the service member was involved in.

Starting Your Hometown Hero Banner Program
Our goal is to make your community’s Hometown Hero Banner Program as smooth and simple as possible.

Many times an organization wants to implement a banner program to honor Hometown Heroes, but they don’t know where to start.


Some of the Hometown Hero Banner Program questions that need to be answered are:


What size Hometown Hero Banners should be hung?

We recommend 2ft wide x 4ft tall in size. This size is standard for pole banners as it makes the banners visible, yet isn't distracting for drivers.

Can Hometown Hero Banners be printed on both sides?

We print double-sided pole banners that can be seen from both directions of the street.

How are Hometown Hero Banners hung?

We design our pole banners to be fully printed and hemmed with 3

Are banners strong enough to hold up to the weather?

Our Hometown Hero Banners are printed on heavy-duty 18oz vinyl banner material that can typically withstand all four seasons. However, we cannot guarantee survival during extreme weather, such as tornadoes or hurricanes. Many of our customers keep their Hometown Hero Banners hanging all year round, year after year. The average life span is approximately 3-5 years before needing to be replaced.

Do Hometown Hero Banners need wind slits?

No. Wind slits are almost always the location banners tear first, as the slits are the weakest point. Our banners are plenty durable enough to withstand strong winds. Our banners also come with metal grommets to add additional anchorage to the poles. We recommend using elastic bungee-cord instead of rope or wire. This will give some flexibility during high wind gusts, taking the strain off of the vinyl banners.

What are the banner design choices?

We offer many banner design templates to choose from. We can tweak these templates to fit your vision, or design a brand new template for your community.

Who pays for the banners and how much are they?

Banners can be purchased by a community organization, sponsors, donations, the family, or a combination of the above. If sponsorship or fundraising is needed, we can set up a fundraising page for you. Because this is what we specialize in, we are able to keep the cost for 2ft x 4ft Hometown Hero Banners at 2-3 times less expensive than other providers, while still offering the same or better quality banners.

How long will it take to receive the banners?

We begin working on your banners as soon as photos, information, and payment are received. We try to get Hometown Hero Pole Banners into your hands within two weeks.

How are photos submitted for banner printing?

Service member photos can be uploaded to a secure link we provide, or mailed in a self-addressed returnable package.

Are there any forms to distribute to families of service members?

We can provide you with application form and promotional flyer templates as needed.

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