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Senior banners are a must for high school or college senior athletes.

Your students, athletes, and parents will be extremely proud and excited to have senior banners hanging near the field or in the gym.  Visiting schools will be envious and want to know where you got them.  585 Print makes the custom senior banner process quick and easy for everyone!

Start by filling out our senior banner contact form at the bottom of this page and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

You’ll let us know what sport the senior banners are for, the quantity, when you need them by, and any other details.  We’ll send you a few templates to choose from with some of our ideas.  Once we agree to a design idea it will be time to get the photos taken.

You don’t need a professional photographer for our senior banners, just a parent with a good camera (no cell phones).

Wheatland Chili Team Banner

Place the player in front of a contrasting wall in a very well lit area and take an up-close portrait (not landscape) photo.  Try to have the player fill the frame of your photo shot as much as possible.  It helps to place a piece of tape on the floor so every player stands in the exact same spot.  Outdoor photos also work great for senior banners, just try to take all of the photos within a short time frame so the lighting is the same.  As you can see from the images above we cut out the player and edit the image to reach a dramatic effect.  We can then add the edited image into a template and make more changes to suit your needs.

We will email a link where you can upload your senior banner photos and any other documents.

You will also need to provide a list of names (spelled correctly), numbers, and any other important information.  Usually within 24 hours we will send you a design proof to approve.  This is when you can make any changes and ask any final questions.

After design approval we will email you an invoice.  Because these are all custom banners, we will need payment in full before moving on.  Once the payment is made you can expect your senior banners within a week… or less!

What size are senior banners?

Senior Banners come in 3 sizes- Standard Size 24 inches x 36 inches, Large Size 36 inches x 54 inches, and Jumbo Size 48 inches x 72 inches. Other size options are available upon request.

How much do Senior Banners Cost?

The cost per senior banner will depend on size and quantity. We are VERY reasonable.

Can Senior Banners be hung outside?

Our Senior Banners can hung indoors or outdoors. Many banners are left outside all year round.

How quickly can I get my Senior Banners?

We try to get Senior Banners in your hands within a week of design approval.

Are Senior Banners available near me?

We ship Senior Banners to anywhere in the continental USA via FedEx overnight.

  • Our individual senior banners are 24″ x 36″, 36″x 54″, 48″ x 72″.

  • The banners are full color vinyl good for indoors and outdoors.

  • Each banner will come hemmed/welded around the edges with metal grommets at the corners.

We also offer team banners up to 4′ x 12′ size.


You can take a full team photo with a good camera, or individual photos the same way you would do for individual senior banners.  An advantage of taking individual photos is having the ability to move players around in your team banner.

Of course our banners are not only for senior athletes!

You can hang banners for every player on the team, every musician in band, or every member of a club.

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