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Senior Lawn Signs

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted everyone in one way or another.  With many schools remaining closed or using a hybrid schedule, we can't forget about our high school seniors.

Due to many requests, we are offering a new product- Senior Lawn Signs.  You can now celebrate your high school Seniors by posting full-color 24"x18" lawn signs around town.

Lawn Sign Sample 2021

This is their year to shine.  Their final year.  Fall sports are on hold or cancelled- which means no Senior Banners, no Senior Night, no final Senior Season.

We still NEED to celebrate our Class of 2021 Seniors and not let them be the next forgotten senior class.

We will be offering these signs in sets of 10 to keep cost down (this is how many fit on a full sheet that gets cut down).   These, of course, can be 10 different students.

The intent is to offer these signs to an entire senior class, so we won't be offering individual signs.

Please contact us below for an accurate quote and more information on how to get started.

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